Optimize and Expand Operations

As the leader of a real estate brokerage or team, you face many business challenges that other leaders and managers have already tackled.

Learn how to set real-world and achievable production, recruiting and financial goals and lead your agents in their own goal-setting activity for smart company growth. 

10 Steps to Building a Fast-Growing Businesses

Building a real estate brokerage or large team is a lonely business. You can’t talk to your competitors, your agents and your significant other often isn’t in the business. You need to solve problems you have not encountered before, and you know any one of a number of pitfalls or mistakes can set you back many months and tens of thousands of dollars. This is a presentation and is 60 minutes long.

Recruiting Personas

By creating recruiting personas, you and your team will develop a clear picture of the different types of agents that will best fit their team, branch or business. This uncanny clarity will drive a more focused marketing messaging, expand the recruiting funnel and improve the company’s overall agent offering and positioning. Learn in 30 minutes how to focus your recruiting efforts with increased results.

Optimizing Productivity

A presentation where participants will learn the fundamentals of agent business generation, from recruiting to retention and agent development. Discover how your business can apply these essentials when designing training and technology. Learn how to use agent archetypes to eliminate noise and focus on products and programs that best fit your agent business model. Learn the essentials to increase agent productivity in 45 minutes.

Transform your business with T3 Fellows

Transform your organization into a rapidly expanding, best-in-class brokerage or team. Whether you lead a brokerage or a growing team, you face many business challenges that other leaders and managers have already tackled. Learn from those who have walked the path before you. T3 Fellows offers best practices and building blocks for a modern real estate company.